variety pack





with the variety pack we have attempted to match (in groups of three) flavors which, based on customer feedback, go well together – and align with your style and taste. also allowing you to try a new flavor you might have been interested in – but not sure about – at a lower risk, because it has been matched with a flavor you know you like. that is what we here call a ‘win-win’.

your three flavor options are:

  • classic – includes old salt, barrel oak, and cedre noir
  • feral – alza, citrus nudum, and dongshi
  • sensual – elsker, old salt, and dongshi


each of the flavor options comes in the following products:

  • beard oil
  • lotion
  • cologne


so choose your flavors, and then decide which product best suits your needs – and we will take it from there!

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classic, feral, sensual


beard oil, cologne, lotion