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old salt – the seasoned sailor – adventurous, plucky, and forthright.

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Our flagship oil – where it all started for us. We wanted to create a product to restore vitality to your skin and beard, while at the same time inspiring adventure. We hope our blend of vanilla and cedarwood (with a hint of pipe tobacco) will help arouse your everyday adventurer.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil.

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3 reviews for old salt beard oil

  1. Russ Webster

    I’m what you’d call an ‘Alpha Male’ and, as such, I have a beard. My appearance is essential for me to maintain my Alpha status. Therefore, I don’t take any chances with the beard oil I use. That’s why I use “Old Salt Beard Oil” from Cock O’ The North… it’s nothing less than the finest of beard oils and I wouldn’t trust my beard to anything else. I use it 2 to 3 times a day which is optimal for nourishing my beard, keeping it robust and healthy-looking yet luxurious enough for the ladies to run their fingers through. And it smells like great… the scent conjures up images of a leather-clad warrior riding through a field of tobacco whilst enjoying a snifter of single-malt scotch. So, unless you want to be “Cuck” O’ The North, I suggest you use “Old Salt Beard Oil” by Cock O’ The North. Anything less is simply cheating your beard out of the masculine luster it deserves. Conan the Barbarian was once asked, “What is best in life?” His response, “To crush your enemies; see them driven before you… and to hear the lamentation of their women!” If Conan was alive today he would add: “And to nourish your beard with oil of the highest caliber ingredients… Cock O’ The North Old Salt Beard Oil!”

  2. Jay

    This scent is fantastic! By far my favorite. It not only smells great, it sooths my skin and softens my beard. Highly recommend!

  3. Robbie

    The Old Salt is my hands down favorite scented beard oil!! I love that the scent makes you feel like an old colonial sea captain. Old Salt is my go to oil.

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