nude leather mouse pad


nude leather mouse pad

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not gonna lie – we were not sure about a leather mouse pad. for years we used a customized rubber pad with a fabric superimposed picture of the family glued on. we used it for years! even though after a couple months of use it was stained, ripped, and even smelled funny. why did we do that? because we didn’t know any better. we didn’t know what it felt like to run your hand over a silky smooth, supple, piece of vegetable tanned saddle leather. Oh yes, there is a reason cowboys and girls can sit in a saddle for hours on end, day after day. the leather feels amazing! it turns working on the computer into a sensual, voluptuary experience. and as a bonus – instead of getting old, nasty and dirty, the leather gets better with age and use. ditch the dirty rag you have been using, that sorry excuse for a mouse pad – your hands will thank you!

our mouse pads are hand made in the mountains of Colorado, of high quality full grain saddle leather. this stuff is thick, strong, and made to last. this version of the mouse pad comes naked – meaning it does not have a mule hide anti-slip backing like the prude version – making it less costly to produce. we have been mousing nude for a few months and have experienced only minimal slippage. however, if you have a desk with a high gloss finish – the prude may be the way to go.


  • two sizes available
  • available in three fabulous color options
  • burnished edges
  • single stitch grove
  • smooth finish
  • only gets better with use



  • small 7.5 x 7.5 inches
  • large 9.5 x 12.5 inches

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dark brown, light brown, black


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