eldora leather catchall – double sided


double sided leather catchall

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late again? lost your keys? if only you had a place you could stash all of your stuff when you walked in the door – or turned in for the evening. the double sided leather catchall is your ticket to punctuality! don’t let it’s sedentary demeanor fool you, the catchall will change your life! with all the time you save  not looking for you lost items, you might even have time to eat breakfast before you dash out for the day – just imagine! breakfast!

assembled in the mountains of Colorado, the double sided catchall is made from high quality full grain saddle leather. it is thick, and for its size, it is heavy – exactly what you are looking for when you want something to stay put. its time for you to get you time back!


  • burnished edges
  • double sided leather
  • hand-hammered copper rivets
  • double stitched



  • 9 x 9 inches wide
  • 2.5 inch sides
  • 0.125 inches thick

Additional information

Weight .2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 2 in

dark brown, light brown, black