3 great reasons to grow facial hair

first, it’s great for the heart

studies show, that when searching for a long-term companion, both women and men prefer beards – as it is an indicator of stability, resourcefulness, and virility! So if you struggling to get the attention you deserve from that special someone, grow a beard…it might just change your life! (Note: we are not talking caveman or ZZ Top beards – but maintained, well groomed beards. keep it classy gents!)

second, it’s natural

men have had beards since the beginning of recorded history. works of art to historical writings from almost every culture in the world depict men with beards – it is not only natural, its beneficial! protection from the sun, bacteria, and acne are just a few examples of how a beard can benefit your life! yes, that’s right gentlemen! they not only look great- but provide plenty of health benefits as well!

third, it’s awesome

grow a beard, change the world! A few examples of bearded world influence – Aristotle, Confucius, Jesus Christ, Leonardo da Vinci, Saint Nicolas, Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx, Chuck Norris, and the list goes on…

live manfully. groom responsibly.