What’s in a Name

We get asked pretty frequently about our name, Cock O’ the North. It certainly isn’t a common name, and people are curious about where it came from, and why we chose it.

First, the name Cock O’ the North comes from Scotland – specifically from the Gordon clan. It was the nickname given to Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon, who originated the famed military regiment the Gordon Highlanders. The nickname stuck, and has since been the traditional moniker for the Gordon clan chief – currently Granville Gordon, 13th Marquis of Huntly.

The name also refers to the military march used by the Gordon highlanders, played using bagpipes. The march is still used by several Highland regiments today for parades and military exhibitions; you can see videos of regiments marching to it on YouTube. Known for its liveliness, the tune has also been commandeered for use in a drinking song called ‘Aunty Mary’ – which varies greatly in versions, and degrees of vulgarity.

So, why did we chose Cock O’ the North? Well, that is quite a story. It took a long time for us to agree on a name for this venture. There were a lot of great ideas thrown into the mix, but none of them stuck – they just didn’t have the right feeling. There were two things we were looking for in a name – it had to be meaningful, and it had to be uncommon. We felt if it met those parameters, it would naturally stand out amid a sea of competitors.

To find meaning, we went back to what we felt gives our lives meaning, our family. We came across the title while researching our family heritage – the second I read it I knew it was the name for us. It was meaningful because it was a part of our history, allowing us to honor that heritage, and carry it forward through our organization; and it was definitely uncommon. And as an added bonus – it has a certain suggestive undertone which always gets a reaction.

Now you know.

“It’s not how big your pencil is; it’s how you write your name.” – dave mustaine