Live Manfully.

That is our creed, our slogan, our guiding principle at Cock O’ the North Grooming. Put simply, to live manfully means to live in a bold, courageous, and determined way. You may not feel like you’re living a truly manful life, staring at your computer screen in your cubicle, or making your third PowerPoint presentation of the day. Not many people are lucky enough to live the type of life you see in the movies, television, or travel blogs. Many of us watch those movies and read those blogs and think “#*%!, my life sucks!”.

Yeah, it rough when you get a Facebook notification from one of your single buddies – who is at that very moment running with bulls in Pamplona – and you are changing your kid’s diaper at 2 am. It’s easy to fall into thinking that your life is stale. But gentlemen, when we fall into that type of thinking we are missing the point.

Adventure is not always an exotic destination, a dream vacation, or fabulous lifestyle. We should never feel like we have to step away from our normal life to find adventure – we should be discovering the adventure in our everyday existence.

Whether it’s trying a different morning drink on the way to work, sitting on a jury (instead of trying to get out of it), or finally talking to the girl you have been crushing on for weeks – whatever it is that gets your heart pumping, or takes you somewhere you have never been – that is your everyday adventure.

Searching and finding the adventure in everyday is the essence of living manfully. Our purpose at Cock O’ the North Grooming is to help make sure you are ready for it.

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure” – William Feather